Friday, April 6, 2012

Slot Stitch Tutorial

This is an unusual stitch. If my video camera was working properly this would have been a video but we will have to do it as a picture tutorial.

Hook appropriate for yarn or recommended in the pattern you are using.

st: Stitches
ch: chain
sk: skip

Need knowledge of these following stitches:
sc~ single crochet
dc~ double crochet

dtr~ double treble crochet  yo hook 3 times, insert hook in st, draw up a loop, *yo and draw through first two loops on hook*, rep from * to * until you are left with one loop on your hook

I am using a H crochet Hook and 2 different colored Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in the pictures
I am also giving the ch # for this swatch but again if you are using a pattern please go by that.

Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook an in each ch. 21 sc
Row 2: (Pictured in Pink) ch1 *sc in 4 sts, ch1, sk 1st, sc in next 2st, ch1, sk 1st*, rep from * to * until end of row
Row 3: (Pictured in Green) Ch3, dc in each st and ch1 sp across.(21st)

Row 4: (Pictured bellow in Pink) ch1, sc in next 4st, dtr in second skipped sc 3 rows down...

yo over hook and pull through (pictured bellow)

First completed dtr slant pictured bellow
skip dc behind dtr (dtr counts as that st) sc in next 2st,  dtr in previously sk sc 3 rows down ( pictured below)
insert hook from back to front of sc below 1st ch1sp, yo draw through sc, then complete the dtr as explained above)
 Repeat across row til end. 
Repeat rows 1-4...
I hope this helps anyone trying to make sense of the wording for this stitch. IF you have any further questions please message me or post a question on my facebook page but clicking here.

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